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Since the beginning of time, or 1990 if you’re really counting, I’ve had the desire to write fiction. In high school, I graduated with an art scholarship and went on to further that education in college. Using this artistic background, I try to create stories that become visual to the reader. Combining a variety of small details to set the stage, it’s my hope that the setting allows readers to experience the unfolding world on the pages and in their own imaginations.

What I enjoy to create are worlds that take large doses of realism laced with elements of the supernatural, the incredible and the unbelievable. To categorize any of the stories I write within a single genre would be misleading, simply because I like to touch on all the genres. If there can be fiction, after all, then there cannot be limits. I’m of the belief that the readers can handle it and that they deserve the chance to enjoy genres they ordinarily might not have had an interest in.

The greatest part of creation, for me, is the sense of accomplishment. It’s in the creation of memorable characters that exist in worlds of wonder where anything can happen. Admittedly, I’m not such a fan of stories with happy endings, but isn’t it conflict that makes a story memorable? I am a fan of cameos, though, so don’t be surprised to see some characters crossing over between titles.

All of this feeds into my belief that in the realms of possibility there are no barriers. When the story comes out because it can no longer be contained, it’s evidence to the truth of that belief. I refuse to support the notion that anyone can be held back if their desire to follow their inspiration is strong enough. Anyone can be what they want.

Never stop dreaming.

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Someone once said to me, “You definitely like to dream big.” I suppose I do & if I’m going to dream, why not make it worthwhile? After all, without dreams where would we be? What would be the point of everything? Life would be ridiculously boring if we never aspired to be something more, wouldn’t it?

The downside of dreams, however, is finding the time to see them through. As it stands, I’ve got more ideas for stories than I do the time to write them. But who knows, maybe I’ll get them all out. Why give up now? After all, that’s why I created Dream Big Productions.