The Eric Kade Journeys

This speculative fiction series follows Eric Kade, a preacher and demon hunter who is at war with an array of supernatural creatures, as well as a sect of demon hunters known as The Progeny. These titles are categorized under the Christian Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Thriller subgenres.

homecomingTitle: Homecoming (The Eric Kade Journeys, Book #1)

ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-6153227-8-0
ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9829604-0-0

On a perfect autumn night in the coastal village of Wicker Bay, a young couple was attacked and a life was forever changed. When teenager Nickel Warren awoke she learned her boyfriend, Eric, had mysteriously vanished. Seemingly the only person on Bishop’s Island eager to find him, Nickel devoted her life to learning what happened to her first love on that tragic night. Though the years provided no clues or comfort, she never allowed herself to stop believing Eric was alive.

Now, after an eighteen year absence Eric Kade has resurfaced on Bishop’s Island under circumstances as unsettling as his disappearance. Though reunited, Nickel’s search for answers is sidelined by another horrific event more deeply connected to her childhood sweetheart than she can imagine. Living as a preacher, Eric has traveled the world for nearly two decades hunting demons in a sect named The Progeny. But a chilling prophecy has named him as a threat and turned his fellow hunters against him.

With a sense of urgency, Eric has come back to the island not to rekindle the past but to protect the home he loves from an oncoming war. Relying on the help of a rare group of locals, he will defend the unknowing against a world he has come to know too well. As he works to prepare a haven, Eric will strengthen his bond with Nickel and introduce her to a world of miraculous events and unholy terror.

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winterwarTitle: The Winter War (The Eric Kade Journeys, Book #2)

ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-9829604-3-1
ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9829604-4-8


Eric Kade, Dacey Huxley and Johnny McClary were once inseparable and known collectively as “The Three” – a legendary trio of demon hunters. Across continents they battled some of the worst demonic threats ever recorded and emerged victorious – unstoppable even. At the height of their success they commanded more than five hundred hunters, called The Progeny, all in the name of one man: The Father.

But as the bond between this trinity had eroded, whispers of dissension grew loud enough to reach The Father’s ear until he announced a prophecy boasting that only he had the power to stop an inevitable war between The Three.

While Dacey had remained devoted to The Father, Johnny had disappeared into the darkness and Eric had been pronounced the true enemy of The Progeny, for reasons known only to a few. Fleeing to his childhood home on Bishop’s Island, Eric attempted to live a life of peace as a preacher, reuniting with his former girlfriend, Nickel Warren, and dedicating his life to protecting the people he loves from the darkness of The Progeny.

As the year draws to a close Dacey, Johnny and Eric meet again on Bishop’s Island in an effort to settle old scores and forge a new destiny. But with old loyalties damaged and a new alliance difficult, the collision of The Three could well mark the start of war on an unsuspecting battlefield. Now, three days before the dawning of a new year, the worlds of the former team will collide once more and the battlefield is a place called Bishop’s Island.

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HereticTitle: Heretic (The Eric Kade Journeys, Book #3)

ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-9897473-1-8
ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9897473-2-5

For the past five years, Eric Kade has been hunted by The Progeny, a sect of demon hunters he once led into the knowing world—where heaven and hell battle for the souls of mankind. Threatened by Eric’s ability, sect leader and prophet, The Father, branded him an enemy of The Progeny and cast him from their ranks. In the first novel of the series, Homecoming, Eric returned home and tried to live a peaceful life.

After surviving The Winter War, in which Eric’s enemies manipulated The Father’s prophecy into truth, Eric was forced to leave his home on Bishop’s Island. In retaliation for the loss of loved ones, he set his sights on dismantling The Progeny and reclaiming his life. Now The Progeny is desperate to find him due to actions that have caused an exodus of hundreds of sect members and undermined The Father.

Three years have passed since Eric was last sighted on Bishop’s Island, where he resurfaced just long enough to help a wanted murderer evade capture. As payment, he was given a relic known as the Angel’s Trumpet—said to harness the power to summon an angel army and end the demon wars forever. For his crimes and the power he holds, Eric is now being hunted not only by The Progeny, but also by a worldwide police agency keen on punishing him by taking away all that he holds dear.

With his friends mysteriously disappearing and his enemies closing in around him, Eric must decide to forsake all he believes or embrace the legend of his name once and for all. Either way, he will forever become a Heretic!

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