Stand-Alone Titles

The books listed on this page are not part of either the Tales of Bishop’s Island or Eric Kade Journeys series. The stories are self-contained, and you won’t need to read any of the other books to understand what’s happening in these titles.

Give Her Back to MeTitle: Give Her Back to Me (Aubrey Clark)

ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9897473-3-2
ISBN-13: (paperback) 978-0-9897473-4-9

Sixteen years ago, a serial murderer called The Apostle plagued rural Union County. Nine girls were abducted, born in the same year, all with identical physical descriptions. Only one survived the ordeal: Aubrey Clark. Her dad, Sheriff Don Clark, risked his life and rescued his daughter from captivity. Despite his heroics, the lawman became a casualty of The Apostle, who fled. Aubrey stayed by her dad’s side, taking care of the bedridden man until his death, two weeks ago.

Now, as Aubrey tries to get on with her life, the new sheriff receives a cryptic message: ‘Give her back to me.’ On the same night that The Apostle returns, another girl disappears, and Aubrey turns to her twin, Kaiya, for help. Together, the Clark sisters must confront painful memories to draw Aubrey’s abductor into the open and end the reign of terror.

This all new adventure, available only in ebook, takes readers out of the Bishop’s Island universe and features entirely new characters in a new setting! Readers get to decide for themselves how the story ends, with a feature that allows them to choose between three different endings!

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WinterlightTitle: Winterlight (Shelby Greer)

2016 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist (Mystery)

ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9897473-7-0
ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-9897473-8-7

On the eve of winter, a visitor known only as Lee arrives in the mountainside community of Greely Pointe. Though a newcomer, he draws the attention of several townspeople who claim to have unique, lifelong connections to him. Their stories reach the ear of Shelby Greer, the town’s favorite daughter. She’s soon introduced to Lee when he visits her Winterlight Curio and Coffee Shoppe. Having lived in Greely Pointe for the majority of her life, Shelby cannot explain how he’s known to most of her acquaintances—but not to her.

What Shelby doesn’t realize is that Lee has been sent to Greely Pointe specifically for her. With the aid of a man who knew Lee as a child, the newcomer attempts to help Shelby in her time of need. Despite her tremendous success and the magic of her studio, Shelby has lost her desire to create, to inspire. As they weave in and out of each other’s lives, Lee tries to solve the mystery of Shelby’s heartache, while she tries to deny her curiosity in him.

Working to undo their growing bond is Brady Boone, Shelby’s oldest friend and the town’s doctor. His jealousy and cynicism prompt him to investigate Lee, and to discover what he’s running from. As the men develop a rivalry for Shelby’s attention, the artist does her best to keep from being distracted by it all. Should Lee fail to help her, she’ll sell Winterlight and leave Greely Pointe; a fact that seems oblivious to the doctor. Desperate to overcome obstacles set by Boone, and the threat of a winter storm, Lee is rushed to learn the truth and to restore what’s missing from Shelby’s life before she’s driven away.

Winterlight is categorized under the Cozy Mystery genre. What’s a cozy mystery? Lighter tone, without worry of unwanted language, sensuality, or violence.

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