Tales of Bishop’s Island (Aryn Rayburn)

The Tales of Bishop’s Island series of suspense thrillers are told through the eyes of Aryn Rayburn, an historian living on Bishop’s Island. Her knowledge of the island often puts her in peril, but also helps her to better understand the history of her family and the island of her birth. These titles are categorized under the Christian Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, and Women’s Fiction subgenres with additional elements of Historical Fiction.

pursuitTitle: Pursuit (Tales of Bishop’s Island, Book #1)

2012 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist

ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-9829604-1-7
ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9829604-2-4

What would you do for the person you love? That is the question Ryan Rayburn faces after his wife, Aryn, is abducted. Turning his back on what he believes, Ryan clings to the idea that he can right the wrongs of his tragic past with one brave and dangerous act. A clue Aryn left behind sends him on a desperate journey across Bishop’s Island to save her.

Few know the legends of Bishop’s Island better than historian Aryn Rayburn. Since its settlement, Bishop’s Island has been shrouded in secrecy. Nathaniel Bishop built his empire in the Pacific Northwest on stolen Civil War gold and the oppression of his fellow islanders. Three heroes led an uprising that brought Bishop and his henchmen to justice, but the gold was never recovered. For six generations since, the citizens of the island have tried to bury their beginnings, yet the bloodlines of the first epoch have remained interconnected.

As a descendent of one of the families responsible for overthrowing Bishop, Aryn learns that her abduction is connected to the very secrets on which the island was founded. Her knowledge makes her the perfect key to finding Bishop’s gold and solving the mystery behind a bridge collapse the day she was born. Relying on remarkable intelligence and the faith that led her through great trial, Aryn risks her life to protect a secret that, if revealed, could prove catastrophic to those she loves the most, especially Ryan.

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descentTitle: Descent (Tales of Bishop’s Island, Book #2)

ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-9829604-5-5
ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9829604-7-9


The creator of THE ERIC KADE JOURNEYS and the TALES OF BISHOP’S ISLAND novel series invites readers to discover the exciting new adventure DESCENT! Jason Garrett’s latest mystery brings together characters from both series and unlocks a secret from the fabled past of Bishop’s Island.

The eighth of May was a life-changing moment for two women on the island. For Nickel Warren (Homecoming), it marked the day her husband died and she was arrested as a smuggler. For Aryn Rayburn (Pursuit), it was the day her grandfather died in a tragic bridge collapse. Having served her time, Nickel has sought an opportunity to heal from personal setbacks and discover a new purpose in life. Meanwhile, Aryn has become a renowned historian, inspired by her grandfather’s career as the first journalist on Bishop’s Island.

One day after the anniversary of these two life-changing events, Nickel and Aryn will cross paths for the first time. When a rival from Nickel’s past is found murdered, investigators discover the remains of a second body near the unconventional crime scene—off the shore of Bishop’s Island at Caper Lighthouse. Given her knowledge of local history, Aryn is asked to piece together three clues that may help uncover what happened to the unidentified victim.

When the evidence contradicts what Aryn knows about the island, she becomes determined to solve the lighthouse mystery. Only after seeking Nickel’s help does she establish a connection between the two cases. In search of an object referred to as The Parcel, and with a murderer with unfinished business on their trail, the adventure for these women really begins!

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