Wayward (Iris Porter)

Wayward is a series of supernatural thrillers that focus on the life of Iris Porter, a powerful witch who lives a dual life as a school teacher in the town of Elfordult.

WaywardTitle: Wayward

ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9829604-9-3


Over the past ten years, Iris Porter has lived a perfect life in the picturesque town of Elfordult. She’s a devoted wife, a loving mother, and an adored schoolteacher. Few would believe the secret she’s kept. For years, Iris has lived a double life as a powerful witch, protecting the town and her loved ones from harm.

When a woman from Iris’ past threatens to expose the secret, her world unravels. She chooses to isolate herself from her family in order to protect them and contain her secret. To face her enemy, Iris must rely on her power—without losing herself to its darkness. Determined to defend all she has, Iris must choose between protecting her dream, and making the ultimate sacrifice for love.

This all new thriller, available only in ebook, takes place in an entirely new surrounding and features characters who are certain to become fan favorites!

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Available October 2014

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WaywardTitle: Second

ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9897473-0-1


Second follows the events of the novel Wayward, resuming Iris Porter’s story after she has given in to her powers as a witch and destroyed her enemy. Iris must face the world without her husband, whose life was lost in the fight, and as a mother to a daughter who now fears her.

While Iris mourns, coven member and paramedic Alona Abike becomes suspicious of a patient who has ties to the Porter family and Iris’ enemy. Alona can’t voice her concerns to the sheriff, however, now that he knows she and Iris are witches.

Alona’s concerns are realized when Corinne Barkett awakens from her coma and sets out to turn the entire town of Elfordult against the witches. Empowering a church full of protestors and spreading fear, Corinne has knowledge of the coven that no one could suspect.

Is Corinne acting alone, or has Iris’ enemy returned to have her revenge? The consequences of Iris’ actions may tear apart everything that the witches have built—and force the women to rely on strange new allies.

Available February 2, 2015
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Wayward:CV1Title: Wayward: Collected Volume One

ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-9897473-5-6


This volume—featuring over 770 pages of content—collects the novels Wayward and Second under one beautifully designed cover. For those readers who love the feel, the smell, and possibly even the taste of a “real” book, this one’s for you.

Featuring an exclusive interim section not found in either digital release, Wayward: Collected Volume One ties together the moments between the two books and gives readers a few extra moments with the characters at the heart of this series.

Available October 22, 2016

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