Holyoake is a town that’s mentioned in Troubled Souls and throughout The Eric Kade Journeys, but remains unseen until the novel Heretic. This North Dakotan hospital town was overrun in the days after the Civil War. Four men were commissioned to turn it into the first demon prison. Once their work was completed, Holyoake was removed from all maps; surviving only as a legend in the knowing world.

Eric Kade became a legend amongst a sect of demon hunters, called The Progeny, when he outlasted his peers and spent ten days trapped and fighting his way out of Holyoake. His ally, Johnny McClary, was with him, and together they became two of the sects most-feared and respected hunters.

Years later, after Johnny’s death, Eric returned to Holyoake to hide from the sect that had betrayed him. In the novel Heretic, Eric became caretaker and warden over the demonic prison, all the while waiting for a moment when he could strike back at his enemy.

What became of Holyoake and its inmates redefined its own legend…