The Reason I Write, Part 2

by Jason on 2015/03/23

Continuing the series I began with my last blog, today I’m focusing on another Reason I Write.

I’ve often found it unfair to describe a book to someone who hasn’t read it. Unlike films or graphic novels, a book allows the reader to fill in the blanks using their imagination. What better way to inspire someone’s creativity? Given the way society misuses words, though, the wrong interpretation of an idea can change how a new reader approaches a classic story.

Of all the incredible authors in our history, few had greater influence on me than H. G. Wells (pictured below). Everyone should have the chance to imagine the worlds he (or she, as some insist) wrote about. Forget the many movies and other variations, stick with the source material. In this case, I’d suggest a good old fashioned, old book aroma-filled hard cover edition.


This literary genius wrote of time travel, genetic tampering, alien invasion, mermaids, and my personal favorite, an invisible man. Consider that many of Wells’ most fantastic ideas existed in a time when America was at Civil War on through the times when the world itself warred. It puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Few artists could put themselves in Wells’ league, yet many have been inspired by his works.

As for me, I’ve been fueled by an idea to write a time travel-centric story for over a decade. I’ve got a collection of abandoned drafts and incomplete synopses…but then a couple of years ago the “how” came to me. I introduced the concept in Troubled Souls some years ago. Last year, the novel Heretic gave readers both a taste of how that idea would be realized as well as a bit of a teaser. The electronic version went backward in time, while the print version went forward.


It’s still a handful of titles out, but Again will be my time travel series, of sorts. Making a play on the concept of “everlasting life” it focuses on Eric Kade and Chris Herrera experiencing a resetting of time at the hands of a mysterious angel named Esimesena. They aren’t immortal. They might change in age and time by fifteen minutes or fifteen years. Each time, they’re given the opportunity at a genuinely new start.

This five-part series will offer new paths for these two, as well as some other popular characters from the EKJ and Tales of Bishop’s Island universe. As of now, each book will focus on one key character, with help from some familiar faces. One will even introduce someone new.

By the way, my good friend Stephen Schaffer created that morsel of teaser art above. Remember that name, as he has his own stories to tell to you some day. 😉

That’s all for this week. Hmmm. Now I’m in the mood to read The Invisible Man again. I’m still not convinced that he’s the villain…

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