Give Her Back to Me

ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9897473-3-2
ISBN-13: (paperback) 978-0-9897473-4-9

Genre: Rural Gothic | Horror

Sixteen years ago, a serial murderer called The Apostle plagued rural Union County. Nine girls were abducted, born in the same year, all with identical physical descriptions. Only one survived the ordeal: Aubrey Clark. Her dad, Sheriff Don Clark, risked his life and rescued his daughter from captivity. Despite his heroics, the lawman became a casualty of The Apostle, who fled. Aubrey stayed by her dad’s side, taking care of the bedridden man until his death, two weeks ago.

Now, as Aubrey tries to get on with her life, the new sheriff receives a cryptic message: ‘Give her back to me.’ On the same night that The Apostle returns, another girl disappears, and Aubrey turns to her twin, Kaiya, for help. Together, the Clark sisters must confront painful memories to draw Aubrey’s abductor into the open and end the reign of terror.

In the final act, readers can decide from three outcomes just how this story ends!


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