Troubled Souls

2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner (Horror)
2013 National Indie Excellence Awards Winner (Horror)

ISBN-13: (print) 978-0-9829604-6-2
ISBN-13: (digital) 978-0-9829604-8-6

Set in the beginnings of the new millennium, Troubled Souls pits a group of demon hunters against biblical-level horrors!

Life in the sleepy town of Red Bat, is one of mind-numbing boredom, as far as Hanna Davies is concerned. Working for her stepfather, Gary, at the Dune Springs Motel does little to disrupt the tedium of the teen’s life. Her sense of normalcy dissolves the moment a mysterious trio checks into the motel.

She soon discovers that newcomers Walker, Legs, and The Kid have lives as troubling as the horrors that plague Red Bat. As she unravels the secrets, she learns that everyone has brought their troubled past into the fray. When she finds herself falling in love with one of the travelers, though, she’ll put herself in the path of terror to protect him.

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